Celtique Nordique Médiéval Fantastique

Buste de Morrigan

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Buste de Morrigan Originale représentation de Morrigan en résine aspect bronze (hauteur 17 cm) par Neil Sims.

" The Morrigan (meaning "phantom queen" or "great queen") is a Celtic goddess of battle, strife and fertility. She sometimes appears in the form of a blackened storm crow, seen flying high above the dead bodies of brave warriors fallen during mortal combat. She is generally considered to be a war deity comparable with the Scandinavian and Germanic Valkyrie or Walkuere; although her association with cattle also suggests an ancient role connected to fertility, rebirth and the renewal of once-barren lands.

This exquisite figurine was lovingly crafted by world-renowned Pagan artist, sculptor and tattooist Neil Sims. Hailing from the coastal town of South Shields in the North-East of England; Neil has devoted his entire life to the expression of his devout and ancient faith via the medium of his numerous artistic creations."